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8 maja 2017, o 07:32

Dołączył(a): 8 maja 2017, o 07:27
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Following on from his purple Forum of earlier this year, Tony Stark’s returns with his very own adidas stan smith uomo prezzo. In true Iron Man style the neutral grey suede upper is ignited with a yellow lining, red midsole and matching accents. Ghostface’s G is embossed and printed below the ankle and ‘PRETTY TONEY’ is inscribed under the heel trefoil.Camo and combat motifs are the bread and butter of today’s streetwear. No brand has perhaps used them as intelligently as Hardy Blechman’s maharishi, which from its inception in 1994 has set about liberating military aesthetics from their militant undertones. In recognition of maharishi’s pioneering influence, adidas have invited the brand to contribute to their Five-Two-3 project, showcasing a diverse array of lifestyle labels from around the globe. Maharishi have taken on old favorite of ours, the Stan Smith, and crafted it from baby blue chambray, a fabric commonly used in naval garbs during the Second World War.
Today tennis star adidas stan smith donne proves that the Transformers aren’t the only iconic figures that are ‘more than meets the eye’ by revealing that he is in fact secretly an all-out skate lord! News to us, it seems that many of the skateboarding world’s key skate figures have been aware of his wheelie board prowess for a long time now, including the man Mark Gonzales himself. ‘Stan Smith had an incredible style. I mean not only in dress sense, but also in the way he rode his board,’ he says. Gonzales admits in an all-new adidas Skateboarding documentary that although he has been attributed with pioneering millions of tricks over the years, he actually stole them all from Stan the man!
Adidas brings us an update of the adidas zx flux donne silhouette, the mid cut NPS. Borrowing the ZX 8000 heel unit, this rendition features a leather strap and is constructed from neoprene and mesh. Showcasing a predominately white upper, purple accents add some syrup, and a mint green midsole and black outsole finishes it off. Jordan Brand isn’t the only shoe-maker with some woven-wonders stashed up their sleeves! Adidas today unveils the latest arm to the ZX Flux line presenting the ZX Flux NPS Woven ‘Wheat’. Alongside the intrepid pattern that adorns the upper, the big winner for us here is the murdered out sockliner found inside the sneak, assuring a super-solid fit all day, everyday.
The adidas zx flux saldi gets a new Primeknit build from the weave masters at adidas. The predominantly white upper at first glance looks like it has large perforations scattered across it, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice the spots are actually an interwoven multicolour yarn – peppering the shoe with colour. The clear heel cap doesn’t demand too much attention, while the asymmetrical laces add just a hint of lopsided personality to each shoe. So good you’ll wear it all year round.Customising shoes has become a common custom, and with the invention of online apps like mi adidas it’s only made the pursuit of originality all that easier. Choosing colours and textiles is awesome fun, but it’s also a little limiting right? Right. Adidas Originals are set to remedy the monotony with an all new app option which will allow users to upload their own imagery directly onto the clean and simple ZX Flux silhouette. Yep, you will be able to have your cake on your feet and eat it too! This is definitely an awesome opportunity, we’ve already got a million and one ideas ready to rock.

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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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